Digital Enablement Support Project

 by James Curtis

As part of the innovative sixth form curriculum at The Portsmouth Grammar School a group of us are working with the local charity Shaping Portsmouth. The charity is “is a not-for-profit company whose vision is to make Portsmouth the UK’s No 1 City in which to invest, live, learn, work and visit. The charity aims to improve lives and livelihoods across the city, from two year olds right through to those in retirement.”

Stef Nienaltowski, CEO of the Charity said: “This partnership with PGS students has already proven significantly productive and exciting, to get their passion, energy and enthusiasm, on such an important project has been fantastic and rewarding for those people who will be in need of this support, I look forward to launching this support project in spring 2022.”

We’re assisting with a project to assist an innovation that aims to help the elderly make the move to going online. This project has “donated over 100 devices to elderly city residents'' as “Covid 19 has forced so much of life to go online, these adult are feeling more isolated than ever”, the access to such devices will help improve isolation through messaging as well as general uses, such as online shopping etc. Specifically we’re heading up a digital help service for those who receive the devices. Technology has become such an integral part of the Twenty First Century, we believe all citizens of this city must be able to have confidence and access to such technologies.

Our team is in the process of setting up pop up across the whole city, aiming to help anyone who’s received one of the devices from the charity. So look out for a pop up centre near you, which will launch around April this year. Furthermore if anyone feels that they want to help in your community with the Shaping Portsmouth team, please contact: