Why is Music So Important?

 by Poppy Walker

We all come across music pretty much every day, whether that be on the radio, TV or from someone busking on the street. But why is music so important?

One reason that music is so important is because it improves your mental health and wellbeing. Researchers found that music releases dopamine, the chemical that makes us feel good. They also found that dopamine was up to 9% higher in the volunteers that listened to music that they enjoyed. Studies have also shown that music can trigger the brain to release chemicals that distract the body from pain. When music reaches the brain’s auditory cortex, there’s communication between the cortex and the brain’s areas that control emotion, memory, and motor control. In conclusion, music helps people to deal with their emotions, therefore reducing potential stress and anxiety, for example.

Another reason that music is so beneficial is because it improves focus on work or study. Numerous studies have shown that listening to classical music helps the mind to focus. Specifically music with a tempo of 60 beats per minute increases the brain's ability to process information. There have also been studies suggesting that electronic dance music can help to sharpen someone's focus while studying. When I study, I like to listen to music as it helps me to concentrate and allows me to drown out the noises around me, therefore helping me study. I'm sure many people feel the same as me, in that music aids one's focus and allows one's attention to be drawn to the necessary task, aiding a person's attention span.

Furthermore, music is necessary as it can be used to help people relax. It has been found that meditative music has a cathartic effect on us, improving our mood and aiding us in relaxation of both the body and the mind. Research has also shown that the calming sounds of the piano, string instruments and nature are very effective in helping someone to relax. Whenever I listen to music, it puts me in a much better mood, where I feel calm and relaxed. Music has definitely helped me to feel less stressed at times and continues to help me when I feel anxious.

Finally, music is important as it is a form of expression. Music is a wonderful way of expressing creativity and emotion without having to say anything at all. Whether it's listening to your favorite playlist with your friends or playing some chords on the guitar, music is the perfect way to express your emotions that could be too complex for you to talk about. I find that singing along to music in the car helps me to express myself and release some of my emotion. 

In conclusion, I believe that music is extremely important in not only my life, but many other people’s too. I think that living life without music would be very difficult and I’m glad that I get to experience my life with music as a part of it.