Poetry: Race and Diversity


He was bullied day and night 
Even though he was quite polite
He tried very hard to keep it with him
The bullying he received was grim,
But he took all of it on the chin

The taunting was relentless,
These people are the menace
Utterly merciless.

We need to celebrate,
Everyone is unique.

It was the colour of his skin,
The made him feel grim.
But the he learnt to celebrate,
And his soul sung a joyful hymn.

Racism must stop.

Alec Bradpiece, Dinel Denipitiya, Tanvir Hossain and George Buckle

We are delighted to publish the following poems by students at Kikaaya School, Uganda, to celebrate this week's theme of 'Diversity'.

People all  over the world
Are from races far and near
Some on mountains steep and high

Most are welcoming
While others are hostile
Altogether we may refer to them as foreigners

In our countries,
These people may appear
Dark,white or brown

The colour may differentiate us
But our blood is red
We are one people with different colours

Having them in our society
Is surprising at first sight
But they are like you and I
No matter what language they speak

They feel angry
They get hungry
And they need love too
Embracing them is the right thing to do
For they embrace our cultures
And make us embrace our cultures more

Nakanyike Deborah Kisakye, Form 3

 Racial Diversity                                                 Racial Diversity

From the East to the West
The North to the South is racial segregation
The blacks with the whites
The rich and the poor
Blood is shed, lives are lost
Let us stop racial segregation

 Racial Diversity                                                   Racial  Diversity

Let us join hands together and stop racial segregation
Racial Diversity brings unity, creates love
In a world where the poor sit on a table with the rich
The whites and the blacks
The Catholics, Muslims and Anglicans together
In a world full of peace and harmony.

Nambalirwa Maria, Form 4

 Racial Diversity

The greatest gift in the whole world.
It brings joy to each and every one.
It promotes love and brotherhood among individuals.
Development and stability is brought about if it is in place.
It encourages peace and togetherness among different races of people.
But the worst enemy of all this is racial segregation
It is a serpent which destroys all the later.
It brings about wars in different countries.
It causes death and misery to many
Let us cut the cackle and fight racial segregation
Replace hatred in our hearts with love and peace
So that we can get to the top.

Mayanja Paul, Form 4

Racial Segregation

Racial segregation you are just a word.
But you have spread widely spread in the world.
Mainly brought by tribes
Which forces man to bribe
Not even thinking about the Bible
Which says man should love his neighbor as he loves himself
All this leading to troubles.

Racial segregation you are very bad
Which needs man to evade
Though it is a bitter pill to swallow
But it must be swallowed
Don’t target arrows to your fellows
Rather make peace with them
To serve your country and make the world a better place.

 Kyanjo Patrick, Form 4

Racial Diversification !Racial Diversification!

Segregation, the evil act
That confronts the people hearts
The destroyer of peaceful environments
War  mongers among the people in the world
Way back in the ancient times
Contributor of massive deaths
And blood shade.

 Call upon the world,
Together as one
Develop the sense of closeness
Towards neighbours and the community
Distribute respect to all kinds of people
As we share the glory of diversification
Togetherness as a change of the future generations.

Nakaye Edith, Form 6

One People

People from different continents
But one people
People from North and south
One people
Women and men
One people
Girls and Boys
One people
Tall and short
One people
Rich and poor
One people
Blacks and whites
One people
Moslems and Christians
One people

Batuusa CharlesForm 1