Race and Diversity Week (3rd-7th February): An Introduction

by Jo Morgan

Image by Becky Wiles 
and Sophie Reeve-Foster
Welcome to the first edition of the Portsmouth Point 'Race Takeover'. Each day this week we will be sharing blog entries from pupils in Years 7-13 on issues around race and ethnicity.

Whilst we as a nation have made great progress on racial equality we cannot deny that racist attitudes and behaviours still persist. With the huge increase in racially-motivated hate crimes since the Brexit referendum in 2016, we feel that it’s our responsibility to avoid complacency on this issue.

At the Portsmouth Grammar School we do not simply tolerate difference, we celebrate it. We are unambiguous in our mission to help every member of our community feel safe and valued and we are delighted that so many pupils have engaged with this movement for positive change. 

Blogging is a fantastic way to creatively engage with issues that matter. Let this be the beginning of more dialogue and engagement with issues around race; together we will make a difference.

This Friday we will finish the week with a celebration in the BCSC at 13:20 so please join us then.