Marsha Blackburn's War on Women and LGBTQ

by Martha Bell

Marsha Blackburn
(Wiki Commons)
In case you don't know who she is (and most people in Britain probably don't), Marsha Blackburn is a US Senator from the state of Tennessee. I recently found out about Blackburn while watching a documentary about Taylor Swift on Netflix. At one point, the film mentions the way that Blackburn is against anything Swift is for.

Blackburn is against any attempts to increase equality between the genders, most recently opposing the Paycheck Fairness Act (legislation that is designed to produce more equality between pay for men and for women); why should women do the same jobs as men for lower pay? Blackburn claims that men are entitled to more money because of their gender. Furthermore, she voted against the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which attempts to protect women from domestic violence, stalking and much more. Why on earth would people in her state, particularly women, keep voting for someone who has no interest in keeping them safe, either at work or at home. I don’t understand how they would re-elect someone who argues that it is acceptable for a man to stalk a woman or to abuse their wife. But Blackburn just passes off such situations as if they are just myths. In addition, Blackburn is hostile to any form of LGBTQ rights, arguing that gay people should not have employment rights, nor should couples have the right to be served in a restaurant, for example.

However, Senator Blackburn is very much FOR Trump; recently, she denounced the his impeachment as a “sham” and declared that she looked “forward to getting back to work on issues that matter.” I do not agree with her, as I believe that Trump was indeed guilty of what the US Constitution calls "high crimes and misdemeanours", trying to invite a foreign state (Ukraine) to interfere with the forthcoming US election; he very much deserves to be impeached.

However, for me, it is her views on gender and sexuality that are the most problematic. She argues that what she stands for are just plain “Tennessee Christian Values”, but I can't see anything Christian about her values.