Sunday, 8 July 2018

Poem for Sunday: An Ode to You and I

by Grace Acklam

"Be helpful when you see someone without a smile, give them yours"- Zig Ziglar

So much depends upon Me
My mental capacity
The lack of information that I can take
How little pressure I can survive
My mental ability
The lack of jokes that I make
How poorly I advise
My mental fragility
The number of times that I turn inwards and opaque
How easily tears rise.

So much depends upon You
Your personal tenacity
 The courageousness you undertake
How you refuse your demise
Your personal sagacity
The words you speak that are never fake
How little that you agonise
Your personal gentility
The way your resolution will never break
How every day you reach new highs.
So much depends upon
The insight that you bring,
Into my tedious daily life
To give my step a spring.
For if you were not known to me,
My life would be quite numb,
And, my dear, I would have no idea
On the person I now want to become.


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