Sunday, 8 July 2018

Leonardo Poetry Competition 2018: Year 7 Finalists

On Wednesday, 11th July, the Leonardo Poetry Competition will take place in the Memorial Library at PGS. Here are the poems by the Year 7 finalists. 

How Could I Be? 

How could I be so lost?
In a place I know won’t cost.
My life has disappeared,
I now live in a life that feared.
The sadness seeps in,
I have not anything to win.
When tears are streaming down,
I have nothing but a filthy town.

How could I be so weak?
Someone will come and seek.
Help me from this disaster,
And get me to go faster.
My child has left my hand,
I have not yet planned.
Starvation has come across me,
I decide that I must flee.

Ashnah Elenchcheliyan, 7U   


Fear is creeping in my bones and head,
Foodless in this part of the world, people drop dead.
We need a hero, a miracle to provide us with food.
The wind rips out the harvest; everyone is in a bad mood.

My children need hope, but all hope is lost;
There is some food but at a great cost.
Money is something that seems it’s like for kings.
I gain it by selling to buy food and a few belongings

We need something to hold on to but there isn’t enough.
The world is crumbling and living is tough.
Houses I’ve sold, deeds I’ve done, all to feed my family.
The rich use this period and they do it sneakily.

My mind is blank, out of ideas.
I am thinking of what is next: what is the future?
Surely there is something, someone to save us all?
Surely they cannot leave us, leave us to starve?

I am weak now, but life shall go on.
I shall not lose hope. I need to do more.

Andrei Toader, 7U   


You’re unique.
Just like everyone else.
Pick a personality from the shelf.
Go on, IDENTIFY yourself.

But you can also be Anonymous, be a lie, be a mystery.
Be synonymous with no name and no history,
Disappear from your life, disappear from the map,
DELETE yourself and enter this trap.

ERASE your doings and watch people who have done
ERASE your FACE and watch people who have one,
On huge databases of many FACES, organised in order,
Available to track and hack to collect and be a hoarder.

Knowledge is free.
Knowledge is OURS.
WE are many, as numerous as the stars.
WE do not forgive,
WE do not forget.
So, remember that 

Samuel  Lewis, 7Y   

What Is The Mona Lisa Looking At? 

Have you ever wondered,
Amidst the vivid green matte,
What the famous lady herself,
The Mona Lisa is looking at?

Could it be the moon in the ground,
A plant in the sky,
A fish flying around
Or a bird swimming by?

A fire burning cold,
Some snow searing hot,
A story never told,
A treasure never sought?

An ocean without water,
A sky with no blue,
A yacht with no yachter,
A reflection with no you?

A welcoming storm,
A dangerous calm,
A desert with a snowstorm,
A church with no psalm?

A frown without sorrow,
A smile without glee?

It turns out we’ll never know
What the Mona Lisa had to see.

Themis Orfanidis, 7Y   

The Face of the Devil Himself 

I see them looking at me,
And I constantly know why.
My features stand out from the crowd.
I can tell by the fact that nobody goes near me.

Mothers usher their children away,
Teenagers laugh and jeer,
Proud men walks past and pretend they haven’t noticed,
Whereas drunk men push me into the gutter.

My wife pretends that I’m not there,
But deep down she can’t get rid of me.
My daughter welcomes me to her parties,
But she still tries to hide me.

My life is full of embarrassment,
Darkness, hate and fear.

I wish that I had been born
With a normal face, but I wasn’t.
Instead I was born with a horror for one,
That even hell would reject.

Somewhere in this world,
This jail, there is someone.
They understand what it is like,
Wanting to put an end to your life.

Imogen Stewart, 7Z   

Your Story, Your Face 

The face is a picture of judgement,
A window into the soul.
Some say it is a picture of hope and love,
For others it is their judgement yet to come.

The face is a picture of judgement,
A story of life and death,
Pain and heartbreak,
Memories that never fade.

The face is a picture of judgement,
An emotion,
A story,
A life.
The face is what makes you.

Wrinkles fill your eyeline,
Hair, wispy and fading,
Skin, worn by desperation.
This is your story, Your face.

Hannah Watts, 7Z 

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