BBC Radio 2 500-Word Challenge Final

by Samir Patel

The grand final for the BBC Radio 2 500-word challenge was held at Hampton Court Palace this year. The event was hosted by Chris Evans with performances from John Newman, Bastille, HRH Duchess of Cornwall, a choir, a musical fanfare and many more.

Although my story wasn’t selected as a top 50 in the challenge I did get tickets, so I could attend the event. It happened on the eighth of June 2018 from 6am to 10am.

At 5am they made a queue so the 3,000 people attending could wait in a line. By half past everyone had arrived, and the line snaked back and forth, but it was a good rest for everyone after the long journey there.

There were two categories 5-9 & 10-13 years of age, and there was a bronze, silver & gold award in both categories. The stories were fun, entertaining and often politically correct.

The whole thing was recorded for television & was live on the radio. Between intervals they either had a band playing or live radio. The event was very entertaining, and I encourage everyone to submit their own stories for next year.