Supreme Artists 2018

by Russell Olson

The PGS Senior School Library Comic Club has been working throughout the year in preparation for the Portsmouth Comic Con, which hosted well over 3,000 visitors during the past weekend. The Comic Club launched their first ever comic zine, entitled Supreme Artists 2018, at the convention on Saturday. If you aren’t hip to the lingo, a “zine” (short for “magazine”) is traditionally a collection of images, articles or comics published outside of the mainstream and intended as a way for creators to disseminate their ideas and work into the hands of their audience quickly and cheaply. Supreme Artists features the work of Theo Roseblade, Jesal Patel, Sam Lewis, Eddie Banham, Joe Houlberg and Diarmuid Bailey. The comic garnered a lot of interest, selling over half of the first print run during the two day event and inspiring many other young artists to make their own. Comics included feature superheroes, evil cats, archery, sea stories and anthropomorphic fast food. You can pick up your own copy from the Main Library or during the upcoming sale for 20p.

In addition to inspiring others with their work, the Supreme Artists will be donating all proceeds from their first zine to the Little Heroes Comics charity which delivers comic-making kits to children throughout the U.K. with long-term illnesses.

The Comic Club meets in the Library every Tuesday at 13:30 and all are welcome.  Club members talk about comics and graphic novels, learn about the process of making comics, draw, ink, colour and collaborate. Work has just begun on their second zine so gather up your pencils, brushes and pens and join in!