Review: 'Bohemian Fire'

by Verity Glading

On Friday the 20th of April a handful of music pupils in years 10-12 were lucky enough to go and watch the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra performing a programme titled ‘Bohemian Fire!’

Conducted by the very talented Kirill Karabits, who has held the position of Chief Conductor since 2008. He has worked with many leading ensembles from Europe, Asia and North America. Playing the Violin was the phenomenal Alexandra Soumm whose passion was clearly visible from all parts of the concert hall as she embraced the enormous challenges of Tchaikovsky’s famous concerto. The beauty of the violin was displayed with such talent it really was a joy to watch and listen to.

Rachmaninov’s Symphony no.1 was passionately performed by this fantastic orchestra. The four movements are timelessly linked by a single beautiful motif, which recurs in several of his most important later works. The entire score is strong and highly individual - obviously the work of a young talent overflowing with ideas.

Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto bounced onto the stage next. Its dazzling melodies and iconic motifs brought a series of emotions and enjoyment to the audience. This piece was not, however, always as popular as it is today; it was not played for some time after its composition in 1878. But the pioneering violinist Adolf Brodsky fell in love with the work and championedits performance, and now it has become established as a concert favourite due to its appealing melodies and dazzling showmanship.

Then followed another work of Rachmaninov’s, Caprice Bohémien, which was the composer’s second serious instrumental work after graduation. It contains many of the same massive instruments effects as we had heard in his Symphony, but also contains many moments of sheer beauty tinged with melancholy. A simple song is transformed into a joyful dance, which grows more and more frenzied, until the work ends with an explosive Presto for full orchestra.

The whole night was thoroughly enjoyable for everyone who attended and it has enriched us for our future musical studies. We would like to thank Mr Neal for organising the trip and giving us this great opportunity to hear one of the UK’s foremost professional orchestras.