Friday, 11 May 2018

Poem: Who Destroyed Grenfell Tower?

by Lauren-Lilly Prentice

Let’s have some chicken for dinner
Mother said to her kids
But she was yet to know her fate
Please help her God forbid

With the chicken in the oven
She went to lie and rest
But she did not set her alarm
Because she was so stressed

‘Twas only when she heard the ring
Of the fire alarm
She panicked and screamed for her kids
So that they would not come to harm

But her kids kept ignoring her
They kept playing their game
For they thought the bell was for fun
Because they saw no flame

Soon the small kitchen was engulfed
And mother said her prayers
She held her children in her arms
Her eyes full of despair

If only she’d set her alarm
They could’ve had dinner
But now hundreds of lives are lost
She is thought a sinner

But it could’ve been the building
The cladding was made poor
If only it was fire-tested
There wouldn’t have been an uproar

So which one started the fire?
You now have the power
The mother or the poor design?
Who destroyed Grenfell Tower?

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