Why Choirs Are Good For You

by Eleanor Matthews

As an avid singer I have been part of choirs for as long as I can remember, but I have only recently become aware of all the benefits that provides.

Being part of a choir can be potentially therapeutic as it is proven to help boost self esteem, confidence and release muscle tension which consequently reduces stress levels. It can also be a great way to make friends and bond as recent studies have found that after taking part in just one singing class the participants felt closer to each other than those in other classes such as art.

When a choir performs, a number of chemical changes occur in the body. These changes been proven to boost mental health and well being. Singing also has chemical benefits such as producing antibodies in the blood which enhanced the immune system as proven by research carried out on a Frankfurt choir. Singing is an aerobic activity so when we sing we draw more oxygen into the blood stream. This enables us to hold our breath and also improves circulation.

Singing has many practical benefits such as engaging the creative part of your brain which can impact the subjects you choose and your creativity, highly valued in a growing number of professions. It has also been proven to increase mental alertness.

Singing can even reduce snoring as it strengthens or throat muscles considerably!

Is the world a better place because of choirs? The evidence would suggest so.