Thursday, 19 October 2017

Poem: Defining Freedom

by Honor Davis

We define freedom by chains and bars,
By locks and latches that keep us away.
We define freedom by the ability to make decisions without a breath down our necks or a tutting at our faults.
We define freedom by the very antonym of the word: barriers The barriers that people all over the world fight against for a million and one reasons, For the good, the bad, The worse, the better They fight.
These are the ones people talk of, marvel at even.
But what about the barriers inside us?
What about the ones we face that are not met with sympathy but disbelief?
What about the constant ones with blurred beginnings and no prospect of an end?

I’m talking about fear.
About crippling depression,
Or the kind of anxiety that stops us from breathing.
I’m talking about the voices,
The ones that tell us to run because there are too many variables and not enough constants I am talking about loss, Fighting to get out of bed because we miss the people we once were.
I’m talking about the horrific things running through our minds and the ear piercing silence that we are met with.
I am talking about damage, cruelty and hurt, But I am screaming for mercy.
The mercy we give ourselves,
The mercy we give others,
Mercy that doesn't come at such a high cost.
I am calling to the depths of humanity for compassion, for love and for kindness.
I am begging that you give the people that sit beside you on the train Or pass you by in the corridors, Hope.
I am pleading that you give us a reason for tomorrow.

I am telling you to redefine freedom. 

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