Friday, 14 July 2017

Why It Is So Important to Learn German

by Naeve Molho

German is often regarded as a harsh sounding, difficult and isolated language, however most people’s perceptions could be hardly further from the truth. This article will discuss some key reasons as to why German learning is so important, from an economic, cultural, linguistic and academic stance.

The Economy
Economically Germany is not only the largest Economy in Europe, but the fourth largest in the world.  Therefore anyone aspiring for a career in business or finance would find German a very useful and important tool in aiding their career. The Economy is so strong that despite the recent and rising  migration crisis, Germanys economy has remained stable.

The Global Business opportunities
Germany is well known for its innovative and successful  global business’s, therefore knowledge in the language would particularly help a future career with the potential to be working in the headquarters of any of the German brands including : BMW, Adidas, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Puma. It is important to highlight Germanys contribution towards the international market as they are not often recognised for their global contributions.

The Fashion Industry
Germany’s fashion industry is one of the most prominent in the world with their concentration on the new young designers. Berlin Fashion week holds a huge variety of talents, which is not surprising with the amount of popular German designers and fashion figures such as , Karl Lagerfeld, Hugo Boss, Heidi Klum and Wolfgang Doop.

A widely spoken language
 Not only is German one of the official languages of the European Union, but the most widely spoken language in Europe.  Learning German offers a chance to connect and network globally with over 100 million people who are able to speak it!

German Culture
Whether your passion is for art or history Germany offers a huge variety of cultural heritage sites. An understanding of the language could give you a chance to learn about these in far more depth and detail.  Whether it’s visiting checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag or even Oktoberfest your language knowledge can lead you anywhere.

Germany is the Uk’s largest export market in Europe and the second largest globally giving anyone with  strong German language knowledge a head start in the business industry.

Although I have only touched upon a few benefits of learning German, whether your main interest is languages or politics or science, German opens the door to a world of academia with renowned philosophers, inventors and musicians. I  hope this article has shed light on the endless possibilities and opportunities that learning Gemma can open.

One language sets you in a corridor for life, two languages open every door along the way’ ~ Frank Smith 

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