Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Leonardo Prize Year 8 Winner: Omaha Beach

by Gio Avondo

The soft summer sand of the beach
Warmed the boy's feet.
It rippled in even waves
As he chased his brother.

An overwhelming bang,
Caused him to stop,
And the once-bright coast,
Became a cloudy, foreboding landscape.

Landing crafts unloaded groups of frightened men,
Gunfire could be heard all the way down the beach,
Which led to hundreds falling,

Blood soaked the sand,
Screams filled the air,
And wherever the boy went,
At bodies he would stare.

Then he blinked.

The men became children,
Playing in the sea.
And the towering tank was replaced
By an ice cream van.
The dog's bark was mistaken for the gunfire,
Sounded seconds before.

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