Books for the Summer II

The summer holidays are the perfect time to catch up on some reading. Here, Mr Doyle, Ms Hart and Mr Fairman reveal what books they are looking forward to this July and August. 

Mr Doyle

Mr Burkinshaw’s request for recommendations gave me the excuse of rushing to Waterstone’s to choose some summer reading books! This year I have chosen:

The Disappearance of Emile Zola by Michael Rosen – I did not know that Zola had fled to England, having lost a libel action in Paris. This book tells the story of his flight and subsequent life in London
As far as I Know by Roger McGough – I admit to never really having studied poetry or read much since school. However, I saw this selection by McGough whom I enjoy hearing on Radio 4 and thought it would be a good start to correcting this gap!
The Careful Use of Compliments Alexander McCall Smith – this is my book for the plane – easy to enjoy and well-written, I have much enjoyed his other books
I also have a couple to dip into when time allows:
Carol Klein's Favourite Plants – Carol Klein a fabulous presenter on the television (notably Gardeners’ World) and this is a beautifully put together book, listing and explaining some popular and others much less known plants
Chasing the Dram - Finding the Spirit of Whisky by Rachel McCormack – a history of whisky and its myths. In the introduction, she writes: “The Scottish approach to whisky – drunk with no ice and maybe only a ‘wee’ bit of water – can often be similar to the Presbyterian approach to sex: lights off, one position and never admit that you are actually enjoying it. Rachel believes that there is a whole Kama Sutra of uses that whisky can enhance. Not just in cocktails but in food too.” Should be a fun read!

Ms Hart
Going back to childish roots, I am planning on re-reading Cider With Rosie.  The descriptions of childhood, nature, loss and friendship are my main motivations for wanting to come back to this text.

Mr Fairman
Books I am reading right now and hopefully going to read this summer include:
The History of Tom Jones: a  Foundling by Henry Fielding
Stalin's Englishman by Andrew Lownie

The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton