Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Art of the Body: The Intersection of Art and Medicine

by Imogen Ashby

These pieces (see images below) have arisen through my exploration of a theme spurring from the idea of an Intersection between Art and Medicine, where the knowledge of two totally different fields combine. I have become fascinated by how the body works and wanted to find a way to incorporate them both in one.

Recently, My brother George, was diagnosed with a serious heart condition and I guess that the need to express my emotions through the art took over. I want the audience of my painting to see my confusion of how to react to this news through the winding and frantic paths of the blood capillaries. I want to show my journey through all of the outcomes I make from expressive pieces when my knowledge was sparse to now when my knowledge and curiosity have grown more than I ever thought they would in detailed pieces.

I never thought that any of this would happen to me, I always just assumed It would happen to everyone else. I want my paintings to show how naive I was to how much more mature I am now; how I feel ready to cope with difficult situations than ever before.

What I want out of this project is a final piece that shows sympathy, understanding, confusion and love all within one. Finally, what I want most of all after having started the journey with George is to finish it and I felt that there wasn't a better way to continue it and bring it all to a close than through a sketch book and exhibition.

 I wanted to combine the beauty in the human form as well as all the loose ends of my thoughts and bring them all together to seek knowledge in a creative way on one raw canvas.

In conclusion, I want to embrace medicine in a 4 dimensional way. Through my thoughts, curiosity, paintings, and most importantly, how others react to my outcomes.
Exhibition by Imogen Ashby
Instagram @i.ashby_artwork


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