Monday, 5 June 2017

Recent Technological Ideas and Innovations

by Alex Porter

I have been looking at some new technologies and innovations and I was interested to see how these have an impact on us. Here are three that I found:

1. Airless bike tyre

The first innovation is the airless bike tyre. The wheels use a system of blade-like spokes, with rims that are wrapped in slim rubber. It is lightweight, strong and durable so it is not affected by thorns or other sharp objects so you don't need to change the tyre as often as a standard bike tyre. As well as this, it supports your weight using ‘responsive thermoplastic resins’. This tyres are due to be released for sale in 2019.

2. 'Travis' translator

Another innovation is ‘Travis’. Travis is a three inch translator that translates over eighty languages. The product was first introduced on the website’ Indiego’ where people put up their ideas for products to be analysed by the public which meant it could then be funded and produced. The Travis managed to get over $600,000 of funding and will cost around $149 (£115) to buy. It can translate information rapidly and can work for 12 hours without charging, by speaker or headphones. The most amazing thing about it is that it ‘learns’ the more you use it.

3. Amazon Echo Show

The final innovation is the Amazon Echo Show. It allows you to control lights and play music etc, but it also has a seven inch touchscreen and a five megapixel camera. This device will be able to change how you make phone calls because it can check when people are at home before you actually phone them using a 5MP camera. It can also show images of products that you have requested to order using voice recognition. It currently has an expensive price tag (about £195), but is useful for people that make lots of phone calls from home.

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