Monday, 26 June 2017

Harry Potter - 20 Years of Magical Mayhem

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was first published twenty years ago. Here, Eva Burkinshaw (Year 3) explains why she loves the Harry Potter books. 

I love Harry Potter because the way it is written is really amazing. It makes you feel you're right there watching it all happen. The idea of a boy who thought he was just normal like everybody else but turns out to be one of the greatest people in the wizarding world is so exciting.

I love Harry's friendship with Hermione and Ron and the way they are so different to each other. Ron really understands where Harry is coming from and he is so brave. One of my favourite scenes is in The Philosopher's Stone when we see Ron sacrifice himself in the giant game of chess to help Harry and Hermione.

Hermione is my favourite character of all. She is so clever and is addicted to books. If you want to know anything about the wizarding world she is the person to ask and knows where to find out anything. I think she likes being the only girl among the three friends and she sorts Harry and Ron out when they are having arguments (which happens a lot). She is really tolerant with both of them. She is also very brave and always tries to do the right thing. She is just absolutely incredible.

Dumbledore is a kind and wise character. He always knows more than he gives away. For example in Order of the Phoenix he seems to be avoiding Harry but we find out he is actually trying to save Harry. This is like Snape who is so interesting as you can never tell until the last book if he is evil or good. Is he trying to help or hurt Harry? Although she is definitely evil I find Bellatrix Lestrange really fascinating because she is part of a family but is the most independent Death Eater and she loves Voldemort which makes her sad as well as wicked. I also feel sorry for Pansy Parkinson because she is not evil, she just falls in love with Draco Malfoy. I love the relationship between Remus and Tonks because it happens slowly and it is a surprise to everyone including them when they fall in love. Their death is very sad but they die together saving other people.

Even minor characters are made interesting by JK Rowling. For example you can understand Oliver Wood's ambition to win Quidditch before he leaves the school because Slytherin have won seven years in a row.

This is why I don't like Harry Potter. I LOVE Harry Potter.

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