Wednesday, 7 June 2017

A Moment to Savour

by Lottie Allen

Sandbanks, 2.31am

Undisturbed, unwavering silence.

The quiet is something to savour and appreciate. Only accompanied by the gentle lapping of the waves rocking the boat with each contented sigh; rhythmic and calming. The familiarity of the ocean’s lullaby reminded me of my father, and a wave of sadness drowned me in a torrent - tenderly tugging at my heartstrings. But my nostalgia was incomparable to my wonder when I peered out of the window, the view slightly obscured and unfocused by hot breath.

A myriad of stars poured from the sky’s fields onto the sea, and reflected across the ocean in glimmers of hope. Softy, the water polished the light shingle with a hum before creeping away; only to return and litter rounded pebbles few and far across the bay. I could smell the salty sea scent lingering in the air and see the sway of the grass dancing over rolling sand dunes to the tune of the breeze. Secluded from the world: a pocket of paradise. 

I’m unplugged, and disconnected from everything but the present. Nothing could capture the nature’s art, without imperfection and I feel no need to succumb to the usual tech impulses. It’s just the world and I. Little else matters, and my mind is undistracted. Content and filled with euphoria, to live the moment and enjoy its company. Then I slipped away into a untroubled slumber.

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