Monday, 15 May 2017

Old People Hate You

by John Sadden

The fact is that old people hate you. I’m not talking about your kind old granny. She loves you unconditionally. But don’t be fooled. Her love is based on an accident of birth. Her generation hates you.

These old people who hate you grew up after the Second World War. Their parents fought for democracy and against fascism. The soldiers, sailors and airmen who survived the horrors of war returned and were determined to make things better. It was their vote that changed Britain. They voted for social justice, a National Health Service, affordable housing for all, full employment, prosperity, social security, education and the abolition of poverty. Rights and responsibilities were balanced and accepted.

And, all credit to them, it worked. Their children benefitted big time. And it is these people, now old, that hate you.

They received treatment when they were sick, social care, free education and grants to go into higher education and benefits when they unable to work. Public services were run for them, for the benefit of all.

These people are now knocking on. They have, in many cases, lived as long as they have because of their parents’ legacy.

These people must surely hate you. And probably themselves. Why else would they shuffle along to vote against all the things that they benefitted from and that made Britain a fair and decent place to live? 

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