Thursday, 23 March 2017

Protesting Racism

by Caleb Barron

Last Saturday, 33,000 people gathered in London to march from the BBC offices to Parliament Square to protest against racism. 

Racism does not seem like the institutionalised monster it once was but there are still problems to be addressed. The recent policy to not accept anymore Syrian refugee children, to me, is a racist policy fuelled by the anti-immigrant, Islamophobic rhetoric.

The day itself was very peaceful and there was a lot of love present between the many people all from various different backgrounds. I was lucky enough to attend with Floss Willcocks as well as two buses full of local people from Portsmouth. We met a young activist named Shabbir involved in the Stand Up to Trump campaign as well as the several other organisations. We carried his banner stating 'No to Trump's Muslim Ban' and were even photographed in front of Parliament holding it. 

It was a particularly energetic and connected protest and tackled a universal issue that many can get behind. 

Below are some more photos from the day:

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