Monday, 20 February 2017

Poem: Sailing to the Horizon

by Claudia Bishop

The salt sea air was thick and warm,
Seagulls shouted overhead,
The crisp blue sky was beaming bright
The teal blue water glistened in the sun
We boarded the rib all together
And in time we were off and away
Sailing out as far as we could
Into the Solent happily.
The engine started
The sea straight ahead
The wind in our face
The sound of the gust in my ears
My hair flying up
I couldn't of been happier.
We reached the Isle of Wight
The engine ground to a halt
Steadily we stood at the friend of the rocking rib
Gaining our balance
Ready to jump
I hit the sea like fish going home

The days I look back on happily
When I could swim in the sea freely
I was a mermaid
The sea was my home
No cares in the world

Sailing to the horizon

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