Sunday, 5 February 2017

6 Things That Make Us British

by Will Hall

With the news being filled up with a countdown to our impending doom, I thought I’d briefly point out something a little more light-hearted: some of the quirks that make us British.

1.   Tea. Is there anything more clichéd than British people drinking tea? I don’t think so. Even though I cannot stand the taste of tea, the seemingly infinite queues in the Sixth Form Cafe for a hot beverage clearly speaks for itself, which neatly leads me onto my next point:

2.   Queuing. This is so normal that I didn’t even realise we did it until it was pointed out to me, but apparently no other nation is as good at forming a peaceful queue than us. If you’re heartless enough to feel the need to jump the queue, you’ll soon know about it from the suddenly not-so-polite British public…

3.   Apologising. Apologising in England is our quirk that foreigners just don’t understand. We’re at that stage where we apologise for things that aren't even our fault. ‘Sorry’ is almost used as a greeting when something is wrong, which makes absolutely no sense, but I guess it makes us seem polite.

4.   Harry Potter. Everybody has read or watched Harry Potter, there’s no denying it, and everybody loves it. Tell someone you don’t, and you’ve just got yourself into an argument.

5.   The weather. Why we are obsessed with this conversation topic I do not know, but we definitely are. This seems particularly prevalent in the Summer months around school, or is that just the pupil body’s despair at the lack of air conditioning? Mr Priory, hear our prayers.


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