Saturday, 10 December 2016

Poem: The Walk

by James Johnson

What is it?
Am I to know?
The tragedies, the sorrow.
My crumpled soul, your withering heart.
They weren’t to know,
They weren’t to feel,
They weren’t to think, of, the bewilderment.
I see all these stones,
Crumbling under their own weight,
Like the people underneath them.
Every step amongst the souls,
The stale, coughing souls.
As I walk, I hear them.
Their pitiful screams, their sighs of relief,
Their cries of sorrow, their wails of disappointment.
I see it!
I see you!
You rise, like the light amongst the grey.
The others are a blur,
Your wings spread, as you soar into the heavens.
I too, take flight,
Witnessing my dull, earthly flesh fall upon the frozen ground.
I see: everything.
I see the two of them, their eyes darting, breathing, slowly.
Do not worry my love, they shall seal their own fate.                                                                                                                                       
Let the graveyard be no more.

For all life deserves this.

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