Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Christmas Poem: Rudolph’s Plot to take over The World

by Oliver Durrant

There once was a reindeer called Rudolph.
He was what everybody talked of.
But one day at the front of the sleigh,
He said his ambitions during the fray…

He said:
“I will squish you all into the Earth,
With my nose as it has gained such girth.”
All the reindeer looked at him in shock.
They knew he could squish them “Pow!” and “Pok!”

Donner and Blitzen froze in horror.
Prancer and Dancer looked quite sombre.
They looked at Rudolph as he were a child,
Young, foolish, ignorant and wild.

Suddenly, his nose increased in size,
Then went “Pop!” and lit up the skies.
When they could see his nose was gone,
Rudolph realised there was nowhere to run.

The reindeer went and pinned him down,
And said “Where is your shining nose now?”.
They made him their slave for ever more,
And Rudolph thought “This is such a bore.”

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