Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How Cadbury Stole Christmas: The Toblerone Scandal

by Michaela Clancy

The Toblerone is the epitome of Christmas gifts and celebrations. The familiar triangle-shaped chocolate is no stranger in the household and represents all things cliched to do with Christmas. The reason it has become so popular is not just for its delicious flavour and promise of a sweet fix but also its reliability. 

However, this year those funny little triangles have become fewer and the vortex between them longer. Could this generation-long relationship be breaking up or will we just soldier on through the hard times of receiving less for our money?

On the 8th November, this tragic news swept the country, resulting in articles on the new Toblerone being read more times than any other news (including the presidential elections!). This proves how dear Toblerone is to many people's hearts and explains why we are now questioning: "Will Christmas ever be the same?"

The previously 400g bar has now been reduced to 360g, robbing us of the precious confectionery and rendering us shocked at what Cadbury believes is acceptable. The Toblerone may now have been set along the one way path to confectionery heaven - much like the creme egg.

As I sit writing this article, wind hollers past the window and rain batters at the glass. I can only perceive this to be an example of pathetic fallacy: reflecting the somber mood of the nation as once again Cadbury disappoints us with their choices.  Not only have they reduced the size of many of their chocolates but the prices have been increasing. Many of you can probably still remember when our happy little 8 year old selves could merrily skip into a shop and buy a Freddo chocolate for 10p; but now if a child wishes to buy one they have to pay the unimaginable price of 25p, a truly shocking reality.

So before you do your Christmas shopping, be aware: things are not as they were. If the British economy keeps on down this rampaging path we may soon be exchanging notes for a Freddo. The Toblerone may not even consist of a single triangle and the creme egg may not even be egg shaped. So before you venture into the shops this season, be careful with what you buy. It might not be the same item that you have come to know and love. 


  1. RIP Toblerone

  2. Toblerone we will remember you.:(

  3. I agree I hate brexit


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