Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Another View: Crazy for You

by Merlin Cross

With each year that passes I find it hard to believe that the school’s annual musical held at the Kings Theatre can surpass the production held last year. However year in and year out I am proved completely wrong. This year’s addition to the plethora of musical successes was no exception. “Crazy for You” proved to be an amusing and entertaining experience and was once again filled with great singing, acting and comedy.

This particular musical was once more a great success with the packed crowds that chuckled at every joke we received and as by tradition every song ended with thunderous applause from the theatre goers. It was brilliant from the very first moment and will surely be one to remember.

For those who were unlucky enough to be unable to see this amazing performance, “Crazy for You” details the revival of an old and decrepit theatre in Deadrock, Nevada and focuses heavily on the pursuit of love. All the actors were wonderful in their roles and high praise goes to both Bradley Jackson and Emma Watkins, who starred in the main roles of Bobby Child and Polly Baker respectively.

Other actors who gave stellar performances include Emma Dorricott and Albert Wassenberg who portrayed the Fodors  as well as Barney Carter (Lank), Abby Moss (Mother) and Ben Cranny-Whitehead (Bela Zangler) who all provided brilliant vocals. There were also stand-out turns from Laura Verrecchia (Irene), Floss Willcocks (Tess) and Oliver Saunders (Everett). The support from an assortment of cowboys, cowgirls and chorus girls was fantastic.

I cannot stress how enjoyable this play was. It began with a wonderful cameo by Mr. Priory and the black and white film that followed it paying tribute to the golden age of Hollywood slapstick , setting the play as a last ditch attempt to save the Kings (which was met by its fair share of confused and quizzical murmurs within the audience). And it continued with the dazzling songs and majestic backing from the skilful orchestra who accompanied songs both from the original musical “Girl Crazy” as well as songs taken from other sources such as “Things are Looking Up” or “Nice Work If You Can Get It” which both originate from the classic 1930’s movie “A Damsel in Distress”. And it ended victoriously as the Deadrock Theatre was revealed to be a huge success and (as one would assume in all Broadway musicals) true love prevails – with, of course a rousing final song from the cast who were met with tumultuous applause from the audience.

Finally, special mention must be given to the director Ms Smith, producer Mr Robinson and  and above all Musical Director Mr Gladstone as sadly this will be his last musical at Kings after so many wonderful productions over the years. 

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  1. I went to see Crazy For You and I was astounded at how excellent the vocals and dancing was! A huge well done to Bradley and Emma, as well as all the other hugely talented cast. I would just like to point out the quality of the dance in this epic performance, well done to all the amazing dancers!


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