Thursday, 20 October 2016

Why Women Are Taking Charge Because of Margaret Thatcher

by Frances Dellafera

Only recently we have faced a new government change due to leaving the EU. And so therefore the British people have elected a new prime minister, Theresa May, even though she voted to stay. However she has emerged as a 'unity' candidate to step in for David Cameron. And as the American elections are due shortly in November, Hillary Clinton is seen as a keen competitor against Donald Trump.

Ever since Margaret Thatcher became prime minster in 1979 and led the government till 1990, women have been seen taking higher positions in major countries. She became the first women prime minister of Britain, which was an achievement considering the balance of gender equality wasn't the same then as it is now. And women weren't even allowed to vote till 1918 in Britain and even then they had to be over the age of 30. Some could argue that the reason why women are stepping up  is due to Thatcher's courage and political strength.

And so we have seen that Theresa May has worked up the ranks and in June 2016, she became Britain's second female prime minister. Theresa May has been one of only a small amount of women in the upper echelons in the Conservative party for 17 years. However, even before she became prime minister, she had made history by becoming the second longest home secretary in the past 100 years.

Even America could hope for a female president. Hillary Clinton, who studied law at Yale's law school  has now served as US Secretary of State, and could potentially become Americas first female president. However, women couldn't even vote in every state in America until 1920 when even then 30 presidents had already ruled america. However, although Hillary Clinton is not the best candidate for presidency, the fact that she is favoured to win tells us that gender equality has strengthened significantly since the 1980s.

However, there once was another women in the White House- Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of president Franklin Delano Roosevelt. She helped changed the role of the First Lady through her commitment in American politics. Do iconic figure heads like Roosevelt and Thatcher impact the women that are to succeed?

Furthermore, women can even be seen taking power in Scotland, with Nicola Sturgeon as Scotland's first minister. Although no one will ever forget the Spice Girls who helped shape the world!

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