Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Has Donald Trump Lost All Hope of Becoming President?

by William Hall

Over the weekend, a video was released on the internet showing Donald Trump making a statement about women that was vulgar to say the least. In the aftermath of this video, almost 40 Republican representatives have withdrawn their support for Trump, and there have been calls for him to withdraw from the Presidential race. 

But, Trump will do no such thing. His response has been, as usual, waving two fingers at the political establishment, though it’s surprising that such an electoral disaster has not entirely destroyed his campaign.

Just a few months ago in the Conservative Party leadership contest in the UK, Andrea Leadsom was effectively forced to withdraw from the race after suggesting she was a stronger candidate than Theresa May because she had children. Trump has enough controversial quotes against him to fill a book, yet his campaign is still arguably going strong. It almost seems that, due to his political outsider status, his campaign can get away with outrageous comments and scandal that would destroy any normal politician’s campaign. I think the fact that he can escape relatively unscathed in the polls from publicly announcing that he was ‘clever’ for tax avoiding speaks for itself.

His dedicated following of almost half of American voters seem to dismiss any criticism against him, and it seems pretty desperate when you have to attack the opposition by bringing up their husband's affairs from well over a decade ago.

It sounds strange to think that Trump ever had a legitimate chance of winning, but with just a few weeks left before the election, it will be interesting to see if any more scandals unfold, and whether he can hold his campaign together without alienating any more of the population.

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  1. well done Will - interesting and fun reading !
    S Molho


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