Thursday, 29 September 2016

How Blue Cheese Can Change Your Life

by Hermione Barrick

Blue cheese has much potential to improve your health, I would say the most valuable, suggested by many, is the idea that it helps to prevent cardio vascular disease, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is suggested that regular consumption of Roquefort and Camembert is the answer to the french paradox of why the french have the lowest mortality rate for cardiovascular disease in the developed world, as wine alone cannot be the answer.

Blue cheese's anti-inflammatory properties, are also well known for being an effective agent for treating Arthritis, a very common health issue that is experienced at the later phases of our lives, it helps by aiding in reducing joint inflammation.

Some of blue cheese's other most life changing benefits are its; low fat content which in turn helps weight loss, and ability to reduce cholesterol, a heightened case of which could block arteries and veins which is directly linked to strokes (ischemia disorder).

If you consume blue cheese regularly it can prevent hypersensitive reactions such as a runny nose, due to the high content of lactobacillus bacteria. Blue cheese is also rich in vital macronutrients such as phosphorus, which along with  performing other important functions in body, is necessary for healthy teeth and bones.

Blue cheese also has great ability to maintain oral health with its high level of calcium also allowing for strong teeth and bones which in turn leads to good oral health as the integrity of the tooth is most important in reducing cases of cavities, a lack of these is also due to the blue cheese's acidity neutralising properties. Osteoporosis, a very common medical condition, that is experienced mostly by women of elderly age than their male counterparts, can also be helped by blue cheese's calcium reserve as it helps to prevent deterioration of bone health.

Yes, a lot of these health improvements can be associated with many other cheeses as they help maintain good oral health and bone strength. However the few benefits that we know come from blue cheese as opposed the many other cheeses such as its low fat content, make its stink and off putting colour much more appetising.

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