Monday, 12 September 2016

Can You Donate Any Old or Unused Musical Instrument For Uganda?

by Jonny Easton

This is a request for any old, or unused instruments, or music, whether tune-a-day or old tune books/carol books, or other donations for a school in Uganda.

Tom Wankwasi, the head teacher of the St. John Leonard's school in Uganda, has asked for help in offering the children the opportunity to learn to play brass instruments and set up a school/community band.
The Fonthill Foundation charity has been filling containers with donated items and material and sending them out to Uganda for some years now. The Fonthill Foundation’s Contain-A-School Programme recycles unwanted school and office equipment from the UK to schools in Africa where it is desperately needed. Once unloaded the container is used as an additional learning space for the school, such as a library, a computer room or early years learning centre.

This project is being co-ordinated with the charity Brass for Africa. A container is due to leave the UK mid-November of this year, and the plan is to send out as many instruments, as much music and other equipment (stands etc.,) as can be gathered together for the school.

The response already has been fantastic.

We are now gathering instruments, stands and music. If you can assist, please email me at For further information please contact me or Simon Easton at

We can travel to collect donations. Any advice/ ideas or offers of involvement/support are most welcome.

The plan will be to maintain the contact with the school and provide donors with updates on the development of brass playing at the school in Uganda.

Thank you,

Jonny Easton


Rebecca Richards <>

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