Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Have A Great Summer . . .

Having passed two milestones in the last couple of weeks (our 2,000th post and half a millionth page view), Portsmouth Point blog will be taking a break over the summer. A big thank you to all of our editors, contributors and readers. 

See what Portsmouth Grammar School teachers will be reading over the summer holidays: BCH, DTD, LNP, LVB, SL, SP; RJIR; EEB, JEB, JEP, KGT, TMF, ASCC, MJS, MJW and Tom McCarthy; LAMS,PWG and GTP

Please read and enjoy the latest issue of the printed Portsmouth Point magazine (theme:‘Alien’) which has been sent home to pupils and parents in the end-of-term packs. See, below, the brilliant cover images produced by Portsmouth Point Photography Editor Will Hall (and read his explanation of how he achieved his 'alien' effects):

"The making of the cover photos predominantly took place behind my computer screen at home; however, a large portion of the time was spent on site actually taking the photo. I’d like to thank Holly Moyler and Dan Buckley for agreeing to be my models, and also for lying on a ladder in the middle of a cold lake whilst I took the photos. As you can see I left the trees in the photo on the back cover to create a slightly different image. The effect is achieved by removing a ladder from the photo in post-processing, which gives the appearance that they are floating on the lake, yet allows you to still see their reflections in the water. This is the more legitimate alternative to purely photoshopping the subjects into the photo, which I feel is much more boring than going out and messing around in a lake for an afternoon." - Will Hall

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