Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Review: Noises Off

by Poppy Goad

The introduction to the comic genius of 'Noises Off' first opened on the eccentric Mrs Clackett, her  unhealthy appetite for the delicacy of sardines serving as constant laugh through the confusion that coats the play. With an out of character twist to a second character adding yet another comic element to the play it develops into a perfect example of slapstick comedy, a fast farce to go down in the history books.

With subplots and raging rants the cast's comic timing remains impeccable, resulting in a circus show that leaves the audience crying with laughter.

Although dotted with naturalistic elements of raw humanity, the play is able to keep the mood at a constant high. There is of course the usual appearance of fallen trousers, a stereotypical element of British comedy that has served as a timeless laugh at the indecency of a lack of clothes. Underwear a frequent feature in the casts attire their fluent ability to switch roles flows effortlessly throughout the play, and as the sub-show grows continually worse, the laughs gets harder.

An excellent example of British slapstick comedy, 'Noises Off' is definitely a play worth seeing. 

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