Friday, 17 June 2016

Brexit: Deliverance or Disaster?

This Thursday, the United Kingdom makes the biggest political decision of a generation, as we decide whether to Remain In or Leave the European Union . 

But what do we at PGS think?

CAST YOUR VOTE on Thursday 23rd June, at break and lunch:
Year 7 & 8 – Middle School Common Room
Years 9 & 10 – Smith House Common Room

Year 12 & STAFF – SFC café

On Monday 20th June, from 4-5 pm, in the Sixth Form Centre Cafe, there will be a debate on the EU Referendum. All years (and staff) welcome. Come listen to the views of pupils and teachers. Anyone can speak if they wish. Refreshments provided. 

Below, pupils in Year 10 and 12 discuss the implications of next week's EU referendum:

Filmed by David Valsamidis

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