Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Basic Guide To Undermine Feminism

by Philippa Noble

The feminist population at PGS is certainly diverse and constantly growing. Yet minorities found both in our school and in the rest of the world are compromising one of modern day’s most inclusive movements. Whilst many of us use the name of feminism to gain equality, justice, and the end of discrimination in all forms; some choose to use this as a method of getting their way – meaning no one can argue against them without being labelled a misogynist. It’s no longer a matter of what the majority of the feminist campaign believes; a lot of opposition has already begun to hook onto the wrong doings of the few.

As forward as feminists can be (whether through social media or otherwise) a silent, unlawful practice is known, or at least presumed, to be going on. Positive discrimination has become the forefront of many arguments against feminism. Positive discrimination is a policy, favouring individuals who are subject to discrimination. This is, in turn, believed to be the practice that some companies are following by unjustly favouring women over men. In the feminist movement, we fight for equality not a progressive left, leading into misandry. Nevertheless, a minority of entitled over-enthusiasts argue that this is right to compensate women for the centuries of gender roles and oppression in a business sense. The majority of us would agree that, although there needs to be more representation of women on a global scale, discrimination and punishment is not the way to achieve it. They should be hired due to the woman’s own merit and credentials not to do with her gender, race, sexuality, or age.

Following from discrimination found in corporations, some feminists feel that discrimination against those that aren’t seen to be disadvantaged is a fitting way to end the struggle for equality. Predominantly found in social media such as Instagram and Tumblr, a few attempt to show that women, POCs, those in the LGBTQA+ community, and many more are better or hold more credibility than those that aren’t – the perfect target being a straight, white, cis male. Again, these people put our strive for everyone’s right to live without prejudice in danger of being viewed as the product of “over emotional teenage girls”. Many who disagree with the feminist movement believe that they are, in turn, being discriminated against. In certain places, they are. Those feminists who believe that these groups of people are better than others are definitely not quiet about it – once again putting our cause to shame.

Finally, the horrifyingly common view of many middle class western women is that feminism isn’t relevant in this day and time. This only gives more backing to misogynists and people who disagree with feminism for any reason. The way some of them label feminists as any number of slurs only makes it okay for others to do so as well. These women, who are usually fairly respected in their community clearly haven’t realised the effect of rape culture on our society and even their own everyday actions. They also haven’t seen the victims of abuse in not only our own culture but others as well. Child brides, acid attacks, domestic abuse, and FGM are all examples of terrible events happening in many other countries. The continuance of these issues only increases the need for feminism.

Feminism isn’t just the protection or an aid for women. We as a movement campaign for the human rights and decent treatment of POCs, trans women, and has begun to extend to equality for all – not just the female population. It is often linked to the LGBTQA+ community, gender roles for both males and females (both equally damaging), and domestic violence or rape victims. Minorities inside the movement have succeeded in tainting the name of our mission, yet we mustn’t forget that the majority are still working, fighting, and campaigning for our rights.

Feminism has banded together so many people into one cause: equality.

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