Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Winners of the 2016 Wildlife Photography Competition

by Jackie Tyldesley

Earlier this year a number of our pupils entered the 2016 PGS Wildlife Photography competition. The theme was “Natural Beauty” as suggested by our judge, BBC cameraman and former Wildlife Club member John Aitchison. We recently received this reply from the Aitchison family:

Rowan and I have now both viewed the photo competition entrants and have decided to award:

7-8 Scarlett Sprague with the photo 20160215_110932. We particularly liked the bold composition of this photo, it is very striking.

9-11 Imogen Ashby with Photo 1. We liked this because she has used the light well. She has managed to shoot into the light without the lens flaring, This backlight has given the plant some lovely texture. Well done.

12-13 Nick OHea with IMG 6796. Nick is the overall winner as well. We really like Nick’s macro image of the bumble bee on the flower. He has done well to get it sharp and the detail in the wings is impressive. Bumble Bees really do show Natural Beauty.
Well done to everyone that took part, it’s great to see youngsters getting out into the natural world with their cameras (and the microscope photos were very interesting too.)
Keep up the good work and enjoy your Wildlife Club.

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