Thursday, 10 March 2016

Our Mission to Mars Victory

by Layla Link

Last weekend, our Mission to Mars team(Oliver Gent, Seb Harwood, William Hall, Zita Edwards, Sam Shingles, George Hawkins, Hakan Hazzard ) and I made our way to Havant for the prize giving event for our Mission to Mars project. Mission to Mars is essentially a regional competition which includes the planning and details of a manned mission to the red planet. We were all struck with nerves after working on the project for the last five months. However the very appropriate chocolate choice of Mars bars helped calm our nerves as we got settled in our seats. We then got to see everyone else’s presentations.

 In some ways, seeing what everyone else had done was reassuring but in a lot of ways it made us doubt our work. Some of the entries were very impressive! The nerves kicked in further as we approached the front of the room to present our summary. Admittedly, we hadn’t done the best preparation for our summary presentation however we tried our best! After an hour of those and a short break we got to hear the judges comments. Most of ours were positive which gave us some hope. This was followed by a painfully unnecessary half an hour tea break before we finally got to hear the results. Another nerve-wracking five minutes and we had been told we’d won! Overall a nerve-wracking day but worth it as we left £2000 richer and a lot happier.

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  1. Congratulations team - I knew you could do it! Looking forward to 2035.


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