Thursday, 24 December 2015

Feliz Navidad

by Patricia Langtry

Feliz Navidad. I would like to share with Portsmouth Point readers some of the work that our students have carried out this Christmas as part of their Modern Foreign Languages course, since some of it is absolutely extraordinary - in particular the work of two boys and a girl in Year 8. 

Keir spent approximately eleven hours making the fabulous origami penguin (click on "Read more" to see images), which is now on display in room 2018. Jevon spent four hours on the gorgeous papier-mache Father Christmas (see below).

SofĂ­a made a gorgeous three-layered cake with the two colours of the Spanish flag on the layers (see below) - I'm afraid this, however, is no longer on display..... it was delicious!!

Years 7,8 and9 celebrated Christmas in a Spanish fashion, following some of the typical traditions in Spain. The task was research on Spanish Christmas and prepare a little decoration for the class. Some could not restrain their enthusiasm, energy and artistic/cooking skills....

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