Monday, 28 September 2015

Friday, 2nd October: Visit by India's Deputy High Commissioner

by Dodo Charles 

This Friday, the Deputy High Commissioner of India is coming to give a talk about India’s role on the world stage, from a unique perspective.  He is the senior diplomat who helps oversee relations between Britain and India - i.e. a very important and influential person able to offer a fascinating insight into international relations! This is a very rare opportunity that we have been presented with.

Not only will there be discussion of India’s role on the world stage, but also of India’s relations with the West at a critical time in countries such as Iran and Afghanistan and, of course, India's neighbour Pakistan. He will also be exploring ways in which India perceives its role in the twenty-first century, as it emerges as an economic superpower. You can get involved by emailing Mrs. Cross with any questions you might like to ask him.

This is especially important because October 2nd is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday and a national holiday in India, so we are really grateful that he is taking the opportunity to talk to us on such an important day for his country.

This is a fantastic opportunity that will promise to be informative from a historical, political, economic and philosophical point of view (and will look great on your UCAS personal statement if you’re thinking of applying for History, Politics, PPE, International Relations or Economics*).

There will be questions. There will be debate. There will be cake. What more could you want?

*A Side Note For IBers- There will be one hour of CAS available if you come, Mrs. Cross will sign it off.

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