Saturday, 26 September 2015

Freelance Open Morning

by Sophie Parekh

Phew, okay only five minutes to type this thing due to some appalling planning on my part... I don't think I'm cut out for freelance journalism. 

After doing a super speedy tour route (G block, science dept. economics, psychology, careers and IB) I managed to cobble together some of the varying opinions that people have about how open morning is going so far. The English department pulled out all the plants, it's like a small rain forest in here... And are also serving excellent refreshments (biscuits and tea, an ultimate combo). There's some live blogging going on in here and you can also pick up a copy of the Portmuthian, box fresh!

CCF got scared by a cannon as I walked past, which was rather amusing I thought. Physics have a life-size cut-out of Sheldon Cooper which seems to be their pride and joy. They're also carrying out live demos of physicsy things.. I don't do physics so you're probably more knowledgeable than I am...

Chemistry was a blast. Quite literally. Lots of fire and a distinct smell of burning. I would definitely recommend it because the guys up there are really passionate about what they do, and if you're lucky, they might let you blow something up...

Biology was a crime scene. I wondered who they had killed, and I decided it was probably Dr Stevenson due to his notable absence... You can extract strawberry DNA and do all sort of messy things, the technicians are really friendly and will help you out with whatever foul scheme you happened to be planning... not that I'm encouraging this. 

I then headed to economics, who were surprised at the amount of younger pupils that had been through, and also have food of the sweet variety so go up there if you feel hungry. Finally, I popped into careers and the International Baccalaureate, who are happy to answer any questions you have about their respective departments. Overall, from what I've seen, open morning has been going great; lots of passionate people doing the things they love.

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