Thursday, 9 July 2015

Winner of the 2015 Year 9 Leonardo Poetry Prize

The winner of the 2015 Year 9 Leonardo Poetry Prize is Sam Harris.

The Seven Deadly Sins


I must have you

As the sea needs its blue

And as the Earth needs its sky

Or the thief needs his lie

I must have you.


I shall consume you

As the fox eats the shrew

And as the cave eats the light

Or the Sun the night

I shall consume you.


I will take you

As the drunkard a brew

And as the miser his money

Or the beekeeper the honey

I will take you.


I shall stop you

As the choke the chew

And as the sap the beetle

Or the metal the needle

I shall stop you.


I will fight you

As the dog the shoe

And as the warrior the snake

Or the building the quake

I will fight you.


I shall be you

As the water is dew

And as the lizard is the tree

Or the mirror is thee

I shall be you.


They all want you

As I do too

For you are nothing

And I have your everything

And now we own you.


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