Thursday, 25 June 2015

Top Five Trends for Summer

by Charlotte Povey

1. Crochet

This year we’ve seen the return of the legendary seventies style, crochet, comeback into limelight. All thanks to the appearance on the Chloe catwalk, this trend has taken off  at new heights. With dainty spaghetti straps to enhance the feminine side of you or a sleek shift dress style to add more edge to your outfit, I can guarantee you that crochet is acceptable at any event this summer.

2. Gladiators

Huge variations of sandals climbing up models legs were seen this spring at Paris fashion week; no doubt this is a fashion that will appear across stylish summer destinations this year. From Valentino to Balmain the warrior look can be interpreted alongside the bohemian lace-ups. This is a trend that ticks two boxes at once. Don’t fret, however, because if the knee-high option sounds too intimidating then ankle height gladiators are equally in this season. As long as there is latticed leather on your legs this vacation you will be working one of the favourite styles this year.

3. Off the shoulder

This is the perfect beach-to-bar trend this summer and it's bound to have heads turning. This gypsy-style can be paired with jeans and an off the shoulder top or dare to bare in a dress that incorporates this whole look. Bright colours can jazz up the look and golden jewels turn the daytime outfit into an elegant night outfit. Overall the off-the-shoulder trend is an all-rounder this summer.

4. Flares

As much as I personally hate to admit it, Flares are coming back onto the high street this summer. This is a surprisingly flattering trend that will elongate any legs. Bloggers, models and street-styles have exposed originating from the seventies this style. It is fair to say this trend has returned with vengeance.

5. Summer suede

Another seventies trend hitting it off with the summer hard, suede this year can be worn on retro coats and feather-light dresses or even double this softness up and wear suede as a co-ord. This time round suede colour spectrum ranges far and wide, exiting the boundaries of tan, chalky pastel colours are a new fresh idea on how to wear suede without touching the stereo-typical shades of brown. 

This is not a cheap trend however and I recommend you invest in one statement garment to ensure you are purchasing a high-quality item that will last, as I have a funny feeling suede this time is here to stay. 

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