Sunday, 21 June 2015

Poem for Sunday: ?

by Kelvin Shiu

Abrupt, powerful, forceful.
Words which echo without being said.
No vibrations created.
No physical sounds.
No wind, no air, no nothing...just darkness.
Denial, followed by more denial.
What comes next?
The sharpness of the sting resonates through the body like a wave of toxic fumes crawling away within you.
When will it stop, when will you find the tunnel of light, the key to your prison.
Is there light, or just darkness followed by more.
Why not just overcome the black with red?
Why not terminate your purgatory? But then again.
Are you more than that?
Are you more than what THEY think you are.
"I don't know" may just be defined as "I don't care".
You are no anchor, you aren't strong.
Your anchor is rotting away at the hands of others as they watch ignorantly unaware of your pain, unaware of your desire for it all to stop. Not just this but everything.
Should you let them allow it to crumble and incinerate in flames, or should you slice away the fires of your heart leeching at every droplet of blood you own?
No one will help, no one really wants to help.
Why don't you say no.

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