Monday, 22 June 2015

Poem for Monday: The Long-Life Option

by Sally Filho

The long-life option

High-fibre bran
Kicked off the plan
and the long-life option irrevocably began.

Every slice of meat was trimmed,
Every pint of milk was skimmed.
The peanut butter hit the bin,
I locked away the biscuit tin.
I studied health-guide supplements,
Then stock-piled natural complements
With value-added nutrients.
The fridge converted to organic,
The camembert began to panic.

Empowered by vocabulary,
The regime conquered gradually,
Then veritable revolution
Reformed internal constitution.
My citrus acid allergies
Were blitzed by herbal remedies.
Complex carbohydrates
Usurped the ruling saturates and
Attacked the pro-coagulants.

Bio-cultures all the rage,
Progressively defying age.
Pure-bred fats now hard to trace,
My cupboard, though, is losing space.
Since the invasion of their nation,
The shelves have filed for compensation.
Only paced negotiation
Might resolve the situation.
Every niche must strive for peace
And vitamins should slow-release...
I think Im in for life!

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