Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Why You Should Vote Labour

by Ross Watkins

We cannot afford to have David Cameron in 10 Downing Street for any longer. We need sustainable growth. We need economic stability. However, we need a fair society. The Tory election campaign, headed by Lynton Crosby, has pushed a strong growing economy. What good is the fastest economic growth in the Western World if it only works for the privileged few? 

As a nation we need an economy which works for every working person. In the last five years, since the coalition entered parliament, the number of people using food banks has increased from 25,899 to 1,084,604, a 4088% increase. This is criminal in the fifth richest country in the world. In the same time frame every millionaire in the country was given a £42,295 tax cut. It is very clear that the Conservatives are working for the few. They are working for their donors, multimillionaires, who shape policy to satisfy personal interest.

We cannot have this sort of country.

Labour is the party of the everyday person. We will create a fair society where work does pay but not at the expense of someone else. We will have a society where everybody pays there tax; where having money should not exempt you from contributing to society. We listen to the people and we have changed out policies to reflect that. We will control immigration, control spending and reduce student costs. We need policies for the collective, we are all in this together and in the 21st century we need to put the people first.

I urge you stand up for equality. I urge you to vote to have change. Most crucially, I urge you to realise the suffering of the vulnerable in our society. Think what has happened in the last five years with Liberal Democrat moderation. Despair over what could happen in the next.

Protect the NHS, Promote equality, Prioritise people. 

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