Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Recipes for Healthy Snack Ideas

by Zoe Dukoff-Gordon

Here are a few healthy snack ideas, very easy and keep really well!

·     Healthy Pancakes


Makes 12 pancakes
1 small sweet potato (200g)
Oat milk (200ml)
1 mug brown rice flour (200g)
2 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Coconut oil, for greasing


1. Peel the sweet potato, discard the skin and chop the rest of the potato into small pieces.

2. Either steam or boil the sweet potato chunks for about 10 minutes, until they’re really soft.

3. Then place them into a blender with the oat milk, flour, honey and cinnamon and blend for 30 seconds or so until the mix is totally smooth.

4. Place a non-stick frying pan on the stove and grease it with coconut oil, then allow it to get

5. really hot before placing about 2 tablespoons worth of batter in it.

6. Use a spoon to shape the batter into a circle and then allow it to cook for 2–3 minutes, until the top of it no longer looks like runny batter and is starting to firm. Flip the pancake over and allow it to cook on the other side.

7. Continue until you’ve used up all the batter.

·     Healthy Banana Bread Recipe


3 Ripe Bananas
1 cup Ground Almonds
1 cup Brown Rice Flour (or flour of your choice)
1/4 cup Sultanas
Pinch of Salt - I like to use pink Himalayan
1/3 cup Coconut Oil
1 tbsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Nutmeg
1 tsp Organic Vanilla Extract
3 Medjool Dates
Handful Flaked Almonds


1. In a large mixing bowl, mix together the ground almonds, brown rice flour, cinnamon, nutmeg and a pinch of salt.

2. Now add the sultanas and give it another mix.

3. Turn your oven on to 180°C and measure out the 1/3 cup of coconut oil. Place the cup measurement onto a baking tray to prevent spillage and place in the oven until it's melted.

4. Mash the 3 bananas with the back of a fork until they are smooth and then remove the dates from the water and remove their stones. Mash the dates with the back of a fork too until a thick paste forms.

5. In a small mixing bowl, mix the mashed bananas and dates together and add the vanilla extract.

6. Remove the coconut oil from the oven, which should be nice and melted now, and add it to the banana mixture.

7. Pour the wet mixture into the dry mixture and stir until combined.

8. Distribute the mixture into a loaf tin and sprinkle with flaked almonds.

9. Bake for 35 minutes. After 35 minutes poke a knife through the centre of one of the loaves and remove it. If it is clean, it’s ready!

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