Monday, 2 February 2015

Preview: Marvel's 'Phase 3'

by Georgina Buckle

In October of last year, Marvel announced the release dates of the next collection of films, called Phase 3. It spans over five years and consists of nine films, which takes us deeper into the Marvel cinematic universe through intoxicating plot twists and overlapping story lines. Some of the upcoming blockbusters include Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Inhumans and Infinity War, but I thought I would talk about some of the films that I am particularly excited about.

So to start with, Captain America. My absolute favourite of all of the Marvel characters I have encountered so far (closely followed by Groot…who couldn’t like Groot?), so when I heard about Captain America: Civil War (to be released in May 2016) I suddenly lost the power of speech and began to clap like a brain-dead seal. I know. Attractive.

In this film we see the return of familiar faces such as Bucky Barnes, Falcon and Black Widow. There are also rumours that Daniel Brühl is to play a ‘to-be-confirmed villain’. Finally! A bad guy who doesn't have a British accent! After what happened in New York in the first Avengers movie, as well as what’s about to happen in Age of Ultron, the government decide they want to take the fun out of superheroes by introducing an organisation which regulates all superhuman activity. It has some echoes of X-men but those were also great films so I have no complaints. On the one hand, we have Tony Stark, who knows first-hand how dangerous superheroes can be (namely himself), and believes that it would be safer if heroes were under some form of control. So he’s all for it. Whereas Steve Rodgers has had experience of organisations being corrupt from the inside (like with SHIELD and HYDRA in Winter Soldier). Also, he’s an American so the whole taking-away-his- freedom thing doesn’t exactly go down well. So he’s very much against it. The superheroes who fall on either side of the argument form two armies under Iron Man and Captain America, who will fight each other for a reason which is yet to become apparent to me.

The second film I am excited about is the introduction of Dr. Strange. In this production, Dr. Stephen Strange (subtle alliteration) is a successful, somewhat cocky neurosurgeon whose career comes crashing down after a car accident which paralyses some of his nerves. This means that he can no longer hold a scalpel straight enough to perform surgery; he can’t do his job any more. Very sad stuff. But cue a strange sequence of events that will change his life forever. Dr. Strange is then taken on by a sorcerer, of all things, who teaches him all he knows about magic with the hope that he will use his new-found powers to defeat the forces of evil within this world. If that hasn’t tickled your fancy I should probably inform you that Dr. Strange will be played by Benedict Cumberbatch….ladies….calm.

Phase 3 also includes the return of our new friends Starlord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Drax and Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The original release date was to be July 2017, but they moved it forward to May so that they could ‘spend the summer with us’. How thoughtful. There isn’t much being said about this film at the moment but I have a few predictions as to what it might entail. In the last film we were left with hints and clues about who Quill’s father might be. His father is known as J’son of Spartax but for all we know this could simply be a cover name. There are various rumours flying round about the real identity of J’son and some theories include that he is actually Loki, so it should be interesting to see how this one plays out. Also we have Nebula (Gamora’s sister) still floating around somewhere, despite the fact that at the end of the last film her head wasn’t exactly…..head shaped.

The final film I want to talk about is Ragnarok

This will be the third Thor film and it looks like it’s going to be a good’n. Since it’s release date is all the way in 2017 there isn’t much information available about it so I’ve had to make do with what I can find. In Norse mythology, the word Ragnarok is used for the apocalyptic events which will result in the end of the world and possibly the end of Thor as we know him, which is sad as it might leave room for a new god or goddess of thunder. People are also making predictions about the fact that Loki will have to reveal the fact that he is still alive. Should be good.

So I hope that I have captured your interest and have made you as excited as I am about these marvellous upcoming blockbusters. Also, a tip for any novice Marvel fans: don’t leave the cinema straight after the film has finished. Wait until the end of the credits. Trust me.

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