Thursday, 11 December 2014

My Problem With Christmas

by Will Hall

Now, before I begin, I am not proposing myself to be the Grinch who stole Christmas, and, just to make things clear, I do absolutely enjoy Christmas and it’s one of my favourite times of year. But - and it’s quite a big but - I do have a few grudges that I think a few of you may share with me, and they do drive me around the bend sometimes:

1. People getting over excited about Christmas too early
I think many of you will agree with me when I say that far too many people start getting very excited about Christmas when it’s still mid-November. Personally, Christmas is a celebration that should occur during December from the start of Advent and not really any  earlier. I was walking home on the 29th November to find a very keen household with all of their decorations up. These weren’t just ordinary decorations either; they had gone the full nine yards and I was just thinking to myself ‘Why?’ over and over. I really don’t understand how people spend so much money, time and effort putting up these decorations.

2.  People taking Christmas too seriously
Again, there are quite a number of people who take Christmas too far. Christmas should be a time of relaxing and enjoying spending time with family and friends. Yet there are always people who get really stressed about the whole event and have to make sure everything’s perfect. I’m not suggesting that no thought should be put into buying presents,  but you can see the negative impact the whole buying process has on certain people, especially parents…

3. People caring too much about presents
Black Friday
Christmas seems to be more about materialistic goods than much else now. I was very concerned when a Yr9 said to me (and I quote) ‘I count all my presents to make sure I have more than last year’. Now I was very shocked at first when I heard this but I think it really does show how egotistical some people are, and how the number of presents they have is honestly the most important thing to them. I’m not suggesting the clichéd statement about our generation being heartless people is at all true, but it does worry me the way some people view the importance of presents at Christmas
As this will most likely be posted at the very end of the term, I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and I hope you all enjoy some time away from school.

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