Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows 2014- London

by Charlotte Povey

Notorious for taking people's breathe away with innovative, fun and sexy lingerie looks on the catwalk, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show returns annually, along with everyone’s excitement.  This year, the pressure is on for the multi-million company as they hold the show in London for the first time. As it is usually held in New York and aired on prime-time American TV, the show's re-location this year is hoped to be even more lavish.

The hype brews as the 2nd December draws closer upon us. The famous ‘Victoria's Secret Angels’ will no doubt be feeling the nerves, ready to walk down the runway in front of a daunting 9.71 million viewers across America and Britain. Adrianna Lima, who has been modelling for Victoria's Secret for 13 years, spills some top tips on how to get the ‘angel’ body. She explains: ‘I box twice a week. It’s great for the body, wonderful for the mind and it gives you the best shape ever. Plus, it is a challenge, which I love. For the three weeks before the show I really watch what I eat, So for breakfast I’ll have scrambled egg whites with broccoli, spinach and oatmeal; for lunch, grilled fish with steamed vegetables and soy sauce, then some lean meat and more vegetables for dinner.’

Adrianna is especially conscious this year, as she has been given the privilege of wearing the stunning Victoria's Secret fantasy bra, along with Alessandra Ambrosio. Both of the two angels will be wearing garments worth over $2 million each. It seems like a ridiculous amount of money to spend on underwear at first; nevertheless, it is a tradition of the show to include an outstanding fantasy bra in order to celebrate the brand of Victoria Secret to its fullest. In 2000, the most expensive fantasy bra ever was made for Gisele B√ľndchen, costing an outstanding 15 million dollars. This extortionate price was due to the 1,300 gemstones and 300 carats of Thai rubies. There is yet to be a fantasy bra to compete. This year's Dream Angels fantasy bras aren’t far off, however, and have been designed exclusively for Victoria's Secret by world-renowned jeweler, Mouawad. And do you want to know how long it took to create these works of art? Over 1,380 hours!

Rumour has it that this year Taylor Swift is to perform for the second time on the stage, and walk the runway among some of the most famous models on the planet. Last year, she delivered an outstanding performance, singing some of her most favored tunes; either way, she has been invited back, and must have impressed the Victoria's Secret bosses first time around.

All in all, this years Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has a lot to live up to! But I'm sure they won't disappoint. Tune in this Tuesday to CBS or watch the show on You Tube! You will be mesmerised!

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